KBE Wall Mounted or Curved Displacement Diffusers feature high gauge steel, flat perforated faces that are held by high strength extruded aluminum frames. The perforated faces and internal baffle ensure equalized air flow across the face of the diffuser and provide low velocity air into the room.
Model DSD-W and HC diffusers acan be installed suspended from the ceiling, standing on the floor or hanging on the wall.
The DSD-W can also be recessed into a wall to maintain a flush appearance.
Model DSD-C circular displacement diffuser with 360° air discharge pattern for floor installation. Typically installed free standing away from the wall.


Air Displacement diffusers are made of sheet metal and painted Ral 9010 (other color available). They consist of a perforated face, a bottom plate and top plate equipped with standard round inlet spigot at customer’s request, it can be rectangular according to dimension of the unit.
Diffuser Frame (for DSD-W) made of extruded Aluminum Side,
Top and Bottom Panels – Coated Steel
Perforated Front Panel and Baffles – Coated Steel
Top Round Inlet
Finish (Standard) Ral 9010.


- Optional inlet locations: bottom or rear.
- Total Aluminum Construction
- Mounting Base
- Leveling Legs
- Telescopic cover
- Various finish colors