Flow Bar systems satisfy both the architect's and the engineer's requirements for air distribution system that will maintain optimum room air conditions. The KBE Flow Bar linear system is a continuous slot system which allows the air distribution while being fully integrated within the ceiling system and its components.


-Constructed of extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T5
• Flanged Fixed Frame (FF) with Angle end cap
• Frame Partition:
- Constructed of extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T5
• Deflectors:
- Constructed of extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T5
- Deflectors color: Black
- The fully adjustable deflectors allow for air pattern to be controlled from vertical straight down to horizontal along the ceiling.
• Sizes:
- Standard slot sizes are 1, 1¹/₂" , 2" , 2¹/₂" , 3".
- Minimum length of 8”.
- Length up to 114” full section. Multi-Sections are joined with alignment strips for continuous appearance.
• Number of slots: 1 or 2
- For V-shape only 1 slot .
• Finish:
- Standard finish is white color ( RAL 9010) for face of the diffuser & black (RAL 9005) for the deflectors.


1.Frame Type:
- Removable (RF) or Frameless (F0) or V-shape hidden frame (VF) or (EF) Embedded hidden frame under spackling paste.
2.End Cap Configuration:
- Angle end cap (Standard for Fixed frame (FF), Removable frame (RF) & Embedded frame (EF))
- Flush end cap (Standard for V-shaped (VF) and frameless (F0) frame type)
- Mitered end cap (applicable for all frames except for V-shaped frame (VF) type)
- Open end cap
3.Throw Type:
- High Throw: for ceiling & wall application.
- Jet Throw: for wall application.
- Long Throw: for ceiling & wall application.
- LS Light Shield
- FC field cut
- BO metal blank-off
5.Corners & Curved:
- Mitered corner for ceiling & wall application.
- Curved for ceiling & wall application.
6. Other color available upon request.
7. Plenum box - insulated or non-insulated.