Our Philosophy & Culture

Employees and Personnel
“A successful team is a group of many hands and one mind.” ~ Bill Bethel
We recognize and endorse the importance of shared knowledge as being the source of innovation and progression.
Being the most important asset in KBE, several management practices have been designed to enrich the quality of life of our employees, develop their potential and maximize their productivity.
KBE strives to foster a climate of openness, mutual trust, and teamwork, aiming to ensure transparency, fairness, and impartiality with our employees.
KBE reaffirms its commitment to provide a safe workplace and clean environment to its employees as an integral part of its business philosophy and values such as:
  • Credibility
  • Integrity
  • Striving for Excellence
  • Personal development and growth

Environment Sustainability
At KBE, we recognize the importance of environmental protection and work to eliminate any environmental hazards generated by our work practices through a thorough aspect impact analysis of the operations performed.
Committed to improving our environmental performance, we have aimed at reducing not only the general factory emissions, but also water and energy usage. Furthermore, waste management system has been integrated in all KBE operating locations, and environmental awareness sessions conducted on regular basis for all the staff.